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First sanctioned Amateur Mixed Martial Arts tournament in Ontario

On June 2nd and 3rd, 2012, at the Toronto Supershow Event, the first sanctioned Amateur Mixed Martial Arts tournament in Ontario history took place. This event was combined with amateur kickboxing, K1 and low kick disciplines. Athletic Therapy was in the forefront of this event assisting with pre-bout and post-bout medicals as well as injury care of the over one hundred bouts.The medical team consisted of Dr David Venturi of Oakville, Certified AthleticTherapists C.Gus Kandilas, Darren Wharrie, Carolyn Zepf and certification candidates James McDonald and Seadon Pereira. 

(From left to right) Darren Wharrie, Carolyn Zepf, Seadon Pereira and C.Gus Kandilas 

There was a tremendous turn out for this event by spectators as well as media. When asked about the safety of combative sports in Ontario under CASK, Dr Venturi was quoted as saying "The unique diversity brought to our medical team by Athletic Therapists and the safety processes we have in place serve to ensure the athlete's safety as well as prevent and properly manage any significant injuries."

Dr David Venturi and C.Gus Kandilas (CASK/Combative Sport Canada Medical Director) 

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